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As a leading security solutions company, we provide a range of products and services to the private sector, and government institutions. We provide risk assessments and security plans for buildings, infrastructure, assets, people, and the wider society. Our risk management approach is based on a trusted model which includes physical security, the use of modern technology, and strong on and off-site management support.

As a security services provider we believe that our integrity needs to remain at the core of what we do, to upkeep our trusted reputation.

We hold our value of customer satisfaction to high regard, in building and maintaining long-term relationships; and we are committed to service excellence, quality products, and a sound pricing structure.

At TTRM we provide you with an innovative, cost-effective, turnkey solution to all your security needs!

Tswelopele Tactical Risk Management (TTRM) offers the following Integrated Security Solutions:

Home & Estate/Complex Security

We are passionate about ensuring that every resident and employee feels safe in the environment where they build their lives. Our ability to secure your premises extends beyond the typical guarding, to on-and-off-site alarm monitoring, armed reaction, and hi-tech security support.

We offer a comprehensive security solution to help with the day-to-day running of residential estates and office parks.

Business & Industrial Security

Create a safe, more controlled work environment for your human capital investments, by creating a more stable work environment.

Retail Security

Reduce the risk of crime in shopping centres by implementing site access control, through highly visible security officers and hi-tech systems.

Institutional Security

TTRM provides safe environments for all patrons, learners, visitors, and faculties, from government schools to private schools, colleges, campuses, and universities.

Special Event Security

Our ability to react reliably, professionally, and in an agile manner is at the core of what we offer our clients who seek event security solutions. We believe in averting incidents before they occur.

TTRM’s World-Class Security Protection Services

A comprehensive TTRM risk assessment always precedes an integrated and cost-effective recommendation to managing and minimising security risk.

The services that we offer are flexible and customised according to the unique risk and security need specific to clients.

Armed Reaction

When you partner with TTRM, you will have a team of highly capable security specialists arriving at your doorstep in the event of an emergency, with the necessary armed reaction.

Monitoring Systems & Response

TTRM has a solutions-driven technical team, fully qualified in supplying and installing alarm systems and other intruder detection and monitoring devices.

Access Control & Reporting

Obtain effortless, yet secure access. There are various options available, ranging from physical guards granting access, or the use of biometric systems, intercoms, remote controls, vehicle license scanners, tear off slips, gate automation, electric fencing, and booms, etc.


We provide our expert 24/7 guarding services to properties and individuals across a variety of sectors, including: Government, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Complex, Estate, School & Campus, Construction, Retail, and so many more sectors.


Residential Guarding Services

Our guarding services are offered to freestanding homes, boomed-off communities, and entire states and complexes. We make it our mission to ensure the safety of your family and neighbours by patrolling the area, keeping an eye on vehicles, and reporting any suspicious activity, while simultaneously warding off criminals.

Increase your family’s well-being by providing them with peace of mind and increased freedom to enjoy their life, home, and the assets they love in the home.

Obtain control over who enters your home with a 24-hour armed response service team.

Business & Industrial Guarding Services

Access control in large commercial and industrial properties can become tricky to monitor and control. Our Guards patrol properties, regardless of their size, to protect and enforce predetermined access control guidelines. They include keeping their eyes peeled for hidden weapons.

In addition to their size, business and industrial sites often possess expensive machinery and office equipment, which are easily accessible to theft. Many of these sites are operational 24/7. To prevent theft and robberies from occurring, ensure that Occupational Health and Safety standards are met, and that the security officers on site are equipped to ensure that proper dispatch and receiving processes are followed. As a part of our security analyses, we assist clients in understanding where protection protocols are required, to minimise the risk of loss.

Our commercial security guarding staff can be hired to create the safest possible circumstances in which to handle cash.

What about if your operations are based in a warehouse or factory, where valuable items and expensive equipment is stored? Ask us to help you secure your assets through avoiding falling victim to regular break-ins, theft of stock, or damage to assets or machinery. We have security staff who can be assigned to be on standby to perform ad hoc patrols on premises. This leaves you to focus your attention on what matters most to your business – incoming orders.

Find a commercial security solution that suits your business budget and enhances your performance and peace of mind.

We offer customised commercial security solutions based on a consultation process where customers move from consumers to strategic partners we can grow with.


Shopping Centre Guarding Services

The risk of crime in shopping centres is drastically reduced by implementing site access control, through highly visible security officers. Our guards are extensively trained and know exactly what to look out for when it comes to lurking individuals; burglary tactics; vandalism; internal theft; liability; and unauthorised entry.

School & Campus Guarding Services

We aim to help create and maintain a safe environment for students, peers, teachers, and lecturers to acquire and impart knowledge and life skills. We have the capacity to serve both government and private schools from pre-primary to university level.

Our professional guards have passed detailed background checks and have been specifically trained to guard schools. Such training includes dealing with children and the standard operating procedures applicable to the school being guarded. More general training includes access control, basic first aid, CCTV, and alarm monitoring & response.

We understand the security needs of schools and campuses. We provide a range of proactive services to assist with everyday security management in a sensitive environment.


Estate & Complex Security Guarding

Are you on the body corporate of a residential estate, or a manager of commercial office park, and looking to appoint a security company to protect your complex and provide you and those around you with peace of mind?

Ask the TTRM team to implement a controlled access system, guard 24/7, and implement monitoring & reporting systems.

TTRM offers the following Additional Turnkey Solutions:


Armed Escort Guarding Services

Request an armed response officer to assist you in entering your premises safely.


VIP Protection Services

Hire a security guard to protect your guests or keep an eye on things when you want some added protection at your home or office.


Police Clearances for Psira

TTRM specialises in the supply, delivery, and off-loading of various types of Firearms; to specific organisations, under strict and legal control measures regulated under the Firearms Act 1996 (as well as the new control amendments).


Pre-employment Screening

We conduct comprehensive pre-employment checks and continuous, employee monitoring to ensure that we employ the right officers and monitor their integrity. Individuals are hired solely upon merit, and we consider a variety of factors, including skills and their ability to perform the job. TTRM guarantees to provide PSIRA trained registered, compliant, and remunerated staff members.


Water & Sanitation

TTRM offers water & sanitation products and services, including freestanding Portable Chemical Toilets that operate without the use of cables, pipes, or connections to water or electricity; as well as water stands and big water tanks.


Evictions & Relocation Services

We assist clients in executing eviction notices lawfully granted by courts to remove unlawfully occupied premises. We’ve acquired a reputation of being tough whilst remaining professional and sensitive to the matters at hand.


Riot Control


Protocol & Safe Transport Services


Drugs, Explosives & Firearm Detection

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